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Cambridge is currently the second largest city in the entire Waterloo region! With so many things such as the African Lion Safari to do and so many gorgeous trails to walk (50km), Cambridge is a great place to live and have a family.

Auto Insurance in Cambridge, Ontario

Like the other cities in the Waterloo Region, owning a car (or multiple) is essential to truly enjoy everything Cambridge has to offer. Many people who are relocating to Cambridge or it’s neighbours from other parts of the world such as the United States hear horror stories of expensive auto insurance rates. Luckily, Cambridge still has great car insurance premiums and on average has even lower rates than Kitchener(which are already great). 

What makes auto insurance rates in Cambridge so good? 

The density. Cambridge has not experienced as much of a population increase as other cities in the Greater Toronto Areas although that is changing slowly. Because there are less cars on the road, there are also less collisions. Less accidents result in good insurance rates! 

How to get the lowest of the low rates in Cambridge?

There is only one way to do that: Comparison shop. In Ontario, each insurance company will have different insurance rates for each postal code. They get their rates based on claims ratios for that given code. This means, your neighbor across the street can be with the same company as you and practically the same driving record, and still have a much different premium because his/her postal code had a worse loss ratio than yours. 

By shopping all the Cambridge insurance companies, you will know exactly which company offers the best rates for your unique record, vehicle and postal code while getting the correct coverages for your car. Each company will have company unique coverages which can greatly benefit you. 

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