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Known for it’s beautiful waterfalls, trails and parks, Hamilton is a great place to live. Close enough to the city but surrounded by nature. If you love to drive, Hamilton has some stunning roads to cruise on. 

Auto Insurance in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is currently the third largest population in Ontario, right after Toronto and Ottawa with a population of over 721,000 people! Just like any major city, auto insurance rates usually increase with population.

With so many winding roads and with the Niagara escarpment running through the city, sometimes driving may be challenging. When in Downtown Hamilton, there are many confusing one way streets so the driver needs to constantly be alert. 

How Much will Hamilton Auto Insurance Cost? 

As mentioned earlier, Hamilton is a very dense city which means auto insurance rates will not be low. They are definitely much better if you are moving from Toronto or the GTA, but not as good as cities like Cambridge where the population is much lower. 

There is no exact answer to how much someone’s insurance rate will cost until an actual quote is made. Every individual will have different driving records, postal code, vehicle etc.. The only accurate way to determine how much the car insurance price will be is to collect all this information and get quotes from all the auto insurance companies. 

This may sound like a long and daunting process, but if you call an insurance broker, it can take as little as 5  minutes! 

I want to Lower my Hamilton Auto Insurance Premium,  What tips do you have?

One thing worth mentioning is that price shouldn’t be your primary aim. It’s very important, however coverage should be paramount. That said, lets get into how you can keep your insurance premium as close to 0 as possible! 

1. Make sure you pay for your current policy and try to have as little NSF’s as possible. Most insurance companies cancel you for non-payment after you have 3 NSF’s in a policy term. Once you are cancelled for non-pay, your next auto insurance policy can be double the price and many companies may not accept you. A cancellation for non-pay stays on your insurance record for 3 years! 

2. Combine your auto insurance policy with a property for the largest discount. When you shift your property insurance over to the same insurer as you auto policy, you may qualify for a discount up to 20%!

3. Be loyal! Sometimes it may seem difficult when your insurance company raises your premium every year, but try to stick with one company for at least 3 years because the next time you shop around, the new companies will see that you are loyal and can off a “new business loyalty discount”. 

4. The most important tip of all is to simply drive safely. Be a defensive driver, do not get into accidents and try to collect no tickets. This will help keep your rates under control. 

Getting The Best Auto Insurance Rate in Hamilton

If you would like to speak to an insurance broker to see which company offers the best auto insurance rates in Hamilton, call (416) 803-2113 or email for a quote today!


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