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Do you remember the KFC on the end of Tomken Rd? Well from 1965-1980, the founder of KFC (Colonel Sanders) lived in Mississauga and would visit that KFC very often.

Auto Insurance in Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga, the land of BMW’s and Mercedes C300s. Mississauga has been one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario and also one with the largest increases in auto insurance premiums following very closely to Brampton.

As any resident knows, living in Mississauga without a car can prove to be difficult. The transit system is far from great making cars a necessity. It is also common to see one vehicle per person in a household! 

This means that you can expect more cars on the road every single year as the younger age group begins to buy their own cars. Immigrants from around the world make Mississauga their home and are also buying vehicles. To sum it up, there are much more cars entering our roads than there are exiting! Just take a drive on highway 401 during rush hour to see this first hand. 

What does this mean for Auto Insurance Rates in Mississauga? 

 Well, you can expect rates to continue increasing because more cars on the road mean more accident the insurance companies need to pay out. Since roads aren’t getting bigger, car accidents will become a lot more common.

Another problem affecting auto insurance rates in Mississauga is fraud. Auto insurance fraud is costing Canadians upwards of $1 billion dollars a year in premiums! 

How Can You Get The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Mississauga? 

One thing worth mentioning when it comes to any insurance is that low price shouldn’t be your primary objective. What you should instead look for is which policy offers the best price for the best coverage. When a claim occurs, that $20 per month you saved to remove certain coverage will look bad compared to the potential financial loss of the accident. 

Returning to the question, how can you get the cheapest auto insurance in Mississauga? The answer is by shopping around. Select the coverage you feel is required for you, figure out which discounts you qualify for and see which insurance company offers the best rate. 

This is where a Mississauga insurance broker can help! Filip Ambroziak deals with Canada’s largest and most stable insurance companies and knows the unique endorsements each company offers. If you would like an auto insurance quote, please call (416) 803-2113 or email You can also visit us at our Mississauga office located at 250 Dundas St W unit 408. 

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