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In the 1800’s Pickering was home to about 200 residents. Now, it has grown to over 91,000!

Auto Insurance in Pickering, Ontario

If you own a car in Pickering, which most likely do, you can feel blessed as your insurance rates are quite good especially when comparing them to major cities such as Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. In fact when shopping around, many auto insurance companies offer very similar pricing as the postal code rates change very little.

What Factors Impact Auto Insurance Rates in Pickering The Most? 

In Ontario, there are many individual rating factors that affect auto insurance rates. Pickering works the same way. Other than individual factor, your auto rate is also determined by where you live. 

We will briefly discuss the most important insurance rating factors that you can control.

1. Driving Record. You can live in the best postal code in Ontario but still pay over $6,000 a year if your driving record is filled with at-fault accidents, tickets and insurance gaps. Keep your driving record clean if you want to save on your auto insurance! 

2. Your vehicle. Over the recent years, the costs to fix cars have skyrocketed. Economical Insurance has done a small study comparing a GMC vehicle cost of maintenance repair in the year 2007 compared to 2014. In 2007, the average price was about $70. in 2014, it went to a staggering $520! This means that auto insurance premiums must continue to increase just to keep up with claim costs. 

Generally, the larger the vehicle, the safer it is and usually cheaper to insure. If you want to reduce your auto insurance rate, stick to SUV’s or larger sedans! 

3. Your License. Do you still have your G2? Have you held it for over a year and are able to take your G test? Go take it! It will help you down the road (pun intended). With some companies, you will see a price reduction right when you get your G license, others like to see you hold your G for some time before lowering your rate. Regardless of how a company rates it, it is always better to have a G license instead of just the G2.  

Getting The Best Auto Insurance Rate in Pickering

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