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If you are in Pickering over the weekend and the weather permits, have a coffee at Frenchman’s Bay Marina and then walk the Waterfront Trail! 

Home Insurance in Pickering, Ontario

Pickering has been growing and welcoming more and more people. Many who lived in the Greater Toronto Areas are now choosing Pickering as their new homes for the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature. 

Home Insurance in Pickering? 

Protecting your home should be your number one priority when selecting home insurance coverage. With the team at Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, we can help you select the best coverage and get them at the best rate! 

We partner with Canada’s largest insurance companies giving you the confidence you deserve from an insurer.

What affects your home insurance rate?

Insurance companies look at many different things when pricing out your home insurance premiums. Here is a short list:

1. Age of your home. If your home is older and needs some updates, the insurance company will charge you higher premiums or may reject you all together.

2. Prior claims. If you had claims on your property in the recent years, companies will surcharge you for that.

3. Prior insurance. If this is the first time you are getting property insurance, the company may view you as a newer homeowner and charge you a little more.

4.  Finished basement. If you have a finished basement, it is important that you mention that. A finished basement means your home value is higher which will require a slightly higher premium. 

This is where an insurance broker can help and save both time and money on your property insurance. Let us help you select the right coverage and shop around to see which insurance company offers the best rates! 

Call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803- 2113 or email filipa@pbnet.ca for a quick quote! 


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