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On of the top ten cities in the world, Toronto is home to one of the most friendly and multi-cultural populations. 

Home Insurance in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is currently rated as the 7th most livable city in the world! It’s iconic CN tower and Skydome is known worldwide. During the day, the city is filled with working professionals hustling through the streets all trying to save up for their next trip. At night, the city skyline lights up with many different colours from the tops of the many condos. 

The architecture of these Toronto condos is becoming more and more complex adding a lot of character to the ever expanding skyline. Although beautiful, these condos don’t come cheap. If you are interested in living in the downtown core of Toronto, a 2 bedroom in a decent area can start in the $700,000’s! 

Since Toronto’s real-estate is so expensive, is home insurance also pricey?  


 If you purchased a detached house in Toronto, chances are high that it is older and requires many updates. For this reason, you can expect a home insurance policy to cost quite a lot. If you own a condo, your in luck, condo policies can be as little as $25.00 per month! 

Why are Toronto condo insurance policies so inexpensive ? 

All condo insurance policies are in that price range. The reason is that risk exposure in condos is much lower than that of houses. In a condo, you only own the walls and inside of your unit. The piping and electricity is all covered under your condo corporation insurance policy. So if a claim were to occur, your insurance company would have to only cover the inside of the unit instead of potentially replacing an entire house.

The largest risk in a condo unit is that your loss can also affect your neighbors. If a fire starts in your condo and it destroys two neighboring units, you are legally liable for their damages. 

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