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How To Get The Best Insurance Rates in Mississauga?

cheapest auto insurance quotes

Just because rates in Mississauga and the GTA are rising, doesn’t mean that you need to pay an arm and a leg for your rates. I want to share a few tips on how to keep your rates in Mississauga as low as possible. 

1. Bundle your home + auto insurance

The most important and well known way to save money on your insurance rates happens to also be the simplest: Bundle your home and auto insurance together. Simply by adding your condo, home or tenant policy to your auto insurance, you can save between 15%-20% on your car insurance an addition 10%-20% on your property. 

Tip: If you have more than one vehicle, keep them all under one policy and avoid splitting them up unless absolutely necessary. Keeping your vehicles together can save you about 15% on your auto insurance per vehicle.

2. Check all your discounts

The second best way to keep rates as low as possible is to ensure all discounts are added. This is a little more difficult because each insurance company offers different discounts and to make matters more complicated, they also change the names of these discounts. This is where a broker can help, they will review your policy and ask the right questions to apply all possible discounts for you. 

3. Shop around

Shopping around is the most effective way to keep your auto and home insurance rates low. Companies change up their rates every few years which means your current insurance company may have been the best 4 years ago but today is on the higher side.

Shopping around sounds simple but can leave even the most experienced of shoppers exhausted. Shopping for home/auto insurance is time consuming and tedious for the average client. You will have several options to shop for insurance rates: 

1. Direct Writers- These are insurance companies that you likely see advertising on the radio and TV. They are call center companies and do a lot of their business online. Usually they do not have a local office to visit. You input all your information into their systems and they generate a quote based on your request. To shop properly with direct writers, be sure to understand the product you are purchasing very well. Be sure to ask for all correct endorsements so that you are covered on all fronts. 

2. Agent Companies- These are companies who have agents working for them. Agents are different from insurance brokers as they are only able to quote you with the one insurance company they work for. You are also able to get quotes online with agent companies but you have the bonus of an agent recommending certain coverage or discounts which can benefit you. They will also review your applications and ensure everything is correct. (Companies are known to check applications and should something not match up, will have the grounds to cancel your policy for misrepresentation or deny a claim).

3. Insurance Broker- An insurance broker is specifically licensed and trained on all insurance products as they deal with many insurance carriers. An insurance broker will be able to shop yearly for your home, auto, commercial and life insurance as they will have your information stored on their system and can easily check the companies they are contracted with. Insurance brokers will also recommend certain coverage you may be eligible for and apply all discounts in each insurance company. Clients enjoy broker services for their customer service. You are paired up with one representative and communicate directly with your broker. Insurance brokers are also licensed to offer more products such as life & health insurance as well as commercial auto/ liability coverage. 

Finding a Mississauga insurance broker

The best way to find a reputable insurance broker is by asking around! Talk to your friends, family and co-workers and ask who they are with. If you prefer doing your own research, do a Google search such as “Insurance broker Mississauga” and see what you find! Below you will see some of Filip’s reviews! 

If you have any questions about insurance, would like a quote or simply want to chat, call or text Filip anytime at (416) 803-2113. Located in the heart of Mississauga.

Happy insurance hunting and wishing everyone a good shopping experience! 

Filip Ambroziak's Reviews:

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Jordan Smith [Staff]
Jordan Smith [Staff]
18:53 03 Jan 24
Karolina Wilczynski
Karolina Wilczynski
17:36 23 Nov 23
I highly recommend Filip Ambroziak for your insurance needs. He is knowledgeable and provides fast and friendly service. Filip was able to find me excellent rates. Thank you Filip!
Lejla A
Lejla A
15:57 27 Oct 23
Filip is the best! Always there to help with fast and accurate answers. Highly recommend.
Franklin C. Silva
Franklin C. Silva
16:51 04 Oct 23
Professional, fast, diligent, 100% recommended! A+ Service.
Mateusz Kwiatkowski
Mateusz Kwiatkowski
20:05 30 Aug 23
Great, friendly and fast communication. He is always looking for the best option for you. Full professionalism. I recommend it very strongly.
Xyz Xyz
Xyz Xyz
15:25 29 Aug 23
I’ve never had any problems with Filip. He’s a very competent, professional, polite and supportive agent.
Martha Blaszczyk
Martha Blaszczyk
21:35 13 Jun 23
Filip was so helpful and efficient in finding me the best possible auto insurance! Highly recommend him if you’re looking for an insurance broker that will go above and beyond to meet your needs
Miriam Rebolo
Miriam Rebolo
04:13 25 Nov 22
I really enjoy working with Pilip! He is very helpful and on top of his game! He goes above and beyond for his clients and I am very thankful for his service.My entire family are his clients.Definitely a great person to have in your corner for instance!Thank you Filip!
Christiane Kuehn
Christiane Kuehn
17:45 09 Nov 22
Filip was super helpful and provided us with the best insurance quote, all the information needed and answered all our questions immediately. The whole process from getting the quote to signing the papers and receiving the insurance papers was very well managed and very professional. I can only recommend Filip. Thank you for all your help!
Selena Ali
Selena Ali
20:24 27 Sep 22
Filip is great and is super polite and professional! I have a great insurance rate and policy thanks to him! 🙂
Alexandra Leclerc
Alexandra Leclerc
13:18 01 Jul 22
Filip has been very quick to respond and adjust my car insurance to fit my needs. He is very polite and it has been a pleasure to set up my car insurance with him. I have not made any claims yet but will update this if I ever have to.
12:59 16 Mar 22
I highly recommend working with Filip if you are looking for prompt responses, fast results and great prices. He was able to get us an awesome insurance quote in 2 days compared to weeks with other companies and waiting for call backs. I am very happy I decided to call Filip.Thank you!
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A Discussion about the Mississauga Insurance Market

Insurance in Mississauga

Mississauga is a wonderful place to live. With so many attractions such as Square One and Celebration Square, Mississauga is a top choice for many around Canada to call home. Although there are many benefits to an increasing population, there are also a couple downsides. 

One of these downsides is the increased cost to insure your vehicles. Today I would like to discuss why rates have been increasing in Mississauga over the last few years and the steps you can take to keep your premium as low as possible. 

The Hard Market

Over the last few years, the insurance market has entered what’s called a hard market. A hard market occurs when market conditions makes it tougher for insurance companies to be profitable (due to a lot of claims, high interest rates etc.) and forces insurers to tighten up.

During a hard market, insurance companies are no longer looking for volume (as many insurance sales as possible), but instead are focusing on profitability. They do this by being very selective with the clients they insure. They may surcharge people more with tickets or completely reject clients who have been cancelled by an insurance company in the past. This makes it more difficult for customers to secure good insurance rates in Mississauga.

Not only are companies more selective, but they are also raising their insurance premiums. In the recent years, insurance companies did not raise their premiums due to COVID and some companies offered rebates. We are now seeing insurance policy premiums in Mississauga catching up on increases and in some cases rising by almost 20% in one year. 

How Long Is A Hard Market And What Can We Do?

Hard Markets can last three to five years on average. In that time, insurance companies fix their books of business, revise their underwriting rules and eventually open up to more business. Once they are ready to accept more volume, they may lower their prices to beat competition and may be willing to insure slightly tougher risks. 

Today however, We are now in unique times with a combination of high inflation and high interest rates. High inflation causes larger insurance payouts when claims occur as vehicles and homes cost more to rebuilt or replace. Transportation costs have increased significantly and the car market has prices never seen before. Only if these costs can be reduces, insurance premiums can lower. 

The best thing to do in a hard market is to buckle down. Find savings where you can, ensure you are receiving all discounts, bundle your policies in one insurance company and work with an insurance broker who knows your situation and can offer the best advice. 

Factors That Affect Your Mississauga Insurance Rate:

Below you will find some of the rating factors that insurance companies use to create your insurance rate. Some affect your rate more than others.

  • Your address
  • The drivers in the home
  • Years licensed 
  • Years insured
  • Prior tickets and accidents
  • Marital status
  • Vehicle type
  • The usage of your vehicle
  • Prior insurance cancellations
  • Coverage chosen (liability only vs. full coverage)
  • Your deductible 

How We Get The Best Insurance Rates in Mississauga

Here are three ways we can help you get the right insurance policy.


Multiple Companies

As insurance brokers, we have access to multiple insurance companies and find the best rates for you.



As experienced insurance brokers, we know the discounts that each insurance company offers.



Insurance isn’t just about the premium, as a broker, our goal is to get the best coverage and value.

Why we are the best!

Best Insurance Broker in Mississauga

Filip Ambroziak’s goal is to be the best insurance broker in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Areas. Filip has been named a top insurance broker in Mississauga and has also been nominated as Canada’s best insurance broker by Business Canada. The plan to become the best insurance broker is through a combination of exceptional customer service (from policy changes to re-quotes), top class education (an educated client is a good client) and great pricing (maintaining powerful relations with Canada’s largest insurance companies). 

We have clients coming from all over the Greater Toronto Areas asking for help and guidance. Whether they have a problematic driving history, purchasing a brand new vehicle for commercial usage, opening a business or dealing with ongoing claims, Filip Ambroziak will hear them out and offer the best possible advice. Whether it’s recommending to stay with your current insurance company or joining a new one, the customers’ needs are a priority. Located in the heart of Mississauga at Dundas St West and Parkerhill Drive, you can stop by the office anytime! Office hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can contact Filip at (416) 803-2113 or email

Benefits of Working With a Local Insurance Broker

Filip Ambroziak was born and raised in Mississauga and has been insuring the residents of Mississauga since the start of