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Kitchener Is On The Rise!

We are now offering our insurance services to the Tri-cities! Along with Kitchener, we have decided to expand our insurance services over to Waterloo and Cambridge.

 With a growing population of over 233,000, Kitchener is becoming a very popular area for Torontonians to settle down. With many families and well priced real-estate, it’s an excellent city for the millennial generation! 

Why do we love Kitchener? We have many clients and friends from the tri-cities and got to know them fairly well. Kitchener insurance rates are also very stable and affordable when compared to the Greater Toronto Areas.

Keeping Insurance Rates Down

With population growth comes more vehicle density which results in more claims. This means that your auto insurance rate is more likely to go up than down. The only way to ensure you are currently getting the best insurance rate is to shop around. This is where a broker can help.

With many partner insurance companies, we are able to shop the entire market and recommend which policy will be the best value for you. We also know the unique coverage of each company helping you get the most from your policy.

Kitchener Insurance Broker

Kitchener also has good property and commercial insurance rates. If you are looking to buy a house in Kitchener, insurance premiums won’t be as bad as surrounding areas.

Other insurance products offered by Ambroziak & Rao include:Tenant and Rental InsuranceLife Insurance, Travel Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance and many more! 

 Call us today and see how we can help you with all your insurance needs! 

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