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Burlington Insurance Quotes

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A Discussion about the current and future state of Burlington insurance

Insurance in Burlington

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Burlington has been named a “top city to live in” several times now and its certainly not a surprise. If you like parks, walks by the water, great food and many places to take your family, Burlington will be a great choice to move to and plant roots. If you have some extra time, take a walk on Burlington’s lakeshore and enjoy the beautiful views! 

Before moving to Burlington, potential residents may want a general idea of what premiums look like in Burlington. I can happily say that Burlington, just like its neighboring cities have good rates especially when compared to expensive areas such as Mississauga or Brampton. 

What does the future look like for burlington insurance rates?

A question many insurance brokers and agents get is what the rates will be next year or in the near future. As with many questions asking about the future, it’s very tough to predict. 

The factors that affect a city’s insurance premiums include claims ratios and rebuilding/replacement costs. If we are looking at home insurance rates, and we know that homes and home renovations are costing more than in the past, we have to assume that house claims will also be more costly resulting in higher insurance premiums. If Burlington has a surge of claims, home insurance prices will also increase in the future years.

With auto insurance, the same factors apply. If we see that more people are getting into car accidents and insurance payouts are increasing, we can expect auto insurance prices to increase in the coming years. Car parts and labour has also increased significantly in Canada and for that reason, I do expect Burlington rates to increase slightly in the near future. 

As always, the best defense against increases in your insurance premiums is to contact your insurance broker and have a conversation about your renewal. A good Burlington insurance broker will be happy to requote you with the other insurance companies.


Personal Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates in Burlington

As described above, there are factors such as the cities claims ration which you simply do not have any control over. You do have control over your own record. Keeping it clean will help you have the best insurance rates. Try your best to drive safe and don’t get any tickets. Below you will find some of the factors that affect your insurance rate.

  • Years insured
  • Your address
  • Years licensed 
  • Marital status
  • Vehicle type
  • The usage of your vehicle
  • The drivers in your household
  • Prior insurance cancellations
  • Prior tickets and accidents
  • Coverage chosen (liability only vs. full coverage)
  • Your deductible 
How a Burlington Insurance Broker can help get the best insurance rates

A knowledgeable insurance broker is always the best source for insurance. Best insurance rates don’t always mean the cheapest rates. You should always review the coverages on your home, car or business insurance quote or policy when comparing prices. You may be surprised to find that the quote that is coming out a little cheaper, may have coverages that are missing. 

When working with an insurance broker, they will help you search the insurance market and advise the best coverages for your unique situation. A broker will have access to many insurance companies and can offer auto, home, commercial, commercial auto, travel and life insurance policies. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803-2113 or email

How Filip Ambroziak Can Get The Best Insurance Rates In Burlington

Keep these three tips in mind when purchasing an insurance policy.


Multiple Companies

As an insurance broker, I have access to many insurers and can get the best rate.



Insurance isn’t just about price, as a broker, our goal is to get the best coverage for your situation.



As an experienced insurance brokers, I know the discounts that each unique company offers.

We Will Make It Quick and Simple!

Why Work With an Insurance Broker?

This is a common question especially now that the internet is a normal part of life and many people have access to a lot of knowledge they didn’t have access to before. Insurance brokers are still the most common way of purchasing insurance for two main reasons: Pricing and Simplicity. 

The benefit that you get by working with an insurance broker which you wouldn’t get anywhere else is access to more insurance companies which helps keep rates low. Many insurance companies do not offer quotes to the public directly and a client must go through a broker. By going through a broker, you are more likely to get competitive rates with great coverage.

Many clients also appreciate the ease of working with a broker. Clients can simply pickup the phone, call/text their broker or shoot over an email with their questions or update requests. 

How To Get an insurance quote

Getting an insurance quote with Filip Ambroziak is very simple. You will have several options to get a quote.

Option 1: Phone Call. The simplest way to get an insurance quote is to give Filip a call. He will ask several questions depending on the insurance policy you are looking for. Questions may include your address, vehicle type, and driver’s history. You can call Filip directly at (416) 803 – 2113 or through the office at (905) 366-0066.

Option 2: Email. Feel free to send Filip an email requesting a quote, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home including all signing of applications and confirmation of insurance. You may email Filip Ambroziak at

Option 3: Text. This may be a little less common however we can do full quotes via text message. Feel free to send Filip a text to (416) 803-2113 and we can continue from there!

Benefits of Working With Filip Ambroziak

Benefits of Working With a Burlington Insurance Broker

Filip Ambroziak has been insuring Burlington residents since the start if his career. As a RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) and LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) licensed insurance broker, he can offer auto, home, commercial, commercial auto, travel and life insurance products. Call/text Filip at (416) 803-2113 or email him at 

Burlington Insurance Online.

That’s right, you don’t ever have to leave your home! Quotes, applications and policies all done online, quickly and easily.

online insurance brokers

Have Multiple Policies through one Broker

One of the biggest benefits of working with a Burlington insurance broker is having all your insurance policies in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a great question but unfortunately there is no answer for it as every insurance company will have different rates depending on your postal code, personal record and many other factors. A company that is offering the best insurance rates for you today, may not be the cheapest in five years. 

For this reason, we do recommend shopping around at least every few years and a broker can make that easy for you! 

When purchasing insurance, you generally have three options, the first is to buy online.

If you understand insurance well and know exactly what you are purchasing, purchasing online can be a good choice. 

The second option is to purchase through an insurance agent. Agents work with only one company and can offer coverage with that specific company. 

The third option is working with an insurance broker. Insurance brokers deal with multiple insurance companies, not just one. They also have access to much more insurance options, not just the common auto and home. Brokers offer insurance for businesses, commercial auto, life, health, travel etc. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing insurance through a broker is not more expensive than buying online. Brokers in many cases are less expensive than purchasing online! 

When insurance brokers say “full coverage” what they mean is the standard mandatory insurance (Liability, DCPD…etc) along with collision and comprehensive coverage. In short, that is the coverage that covers damages to your own vehicle should an accident be your fault. There is usually a $500 or $1000 deductible applied.

Collision and comprehensive insurance is not legally required to drive in Ontario. Third Party Liability is mandatory. 

When asking “should I buy full coverage”, its best to have a conversation with your  broker so that he/she will have a strong understanding of your situation. 

If you are purchasing a vehicle and financing it, finance companies will require that the car is insured with “full coverage” in order to get the loan. 

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