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As RIBO and LLQP licensed insurance brokers, we are able to auto, home, commercial travel and life insurance to Oakville residents. 

With over a decade of experience, Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers has been insuring many Oakville businesses (both small and large) vehicles, homes, rental properties, commercial vehicles and much more. 

Had a few tickets or accidents on your record? We can offer high risk insurance as well. 

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Oakville Insurance Rates

The insurance industry is currently going through a “hard market” which means insurance rates are increasing drastically and underwriting is tightening up. This is a result of high claim costs as well as high frequency of claims. This leads many to the question: how are Oakville insurance rates? 

Luckily for Oakville residents,  rates are very competitive for auto, property and commercial insurance when compared to other cities in the Greater Toronto Areas.

Although Oakville insurance rates are still quite good, you may notice your current insurance policy’s rate increase. This a perfect time to shop around to see which companies are offering the best premium for your location. Each company will have different premiums for every postal code. Insurance companies are constantly changing their rates as well meaning the company that was best five years ago may not be today.

Its always a good idea to review your insurance policy and shop the market to confirm you are getting the best rate. 

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Oakville Insurance Online.

That’s right, you don’t ever have to leave your home! Quotes, applications and policies all done online.

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Our Goal In Oakville

 Our goal is to become the most recognized insurance brokers in Oakville just as we did in Mississauga. We plan to achieve this by continuing our high standards of service and maintaining strong relations with our insurer partners to offer the best possible prices on the market.

Oakville is home to many families and their lives are constantly changing. As your insurance broker, we are here to help you whenever it’s needed. Whether that means adding a new vehicle or creating a brand new life insurance policy, a friendly professional will always be willing to assist. 

If you are looking for a quick insurance quote or have other insurance related questions, please call or text (416) 803-2113 or email  

Oakville Insurance Broker

How can an insurance broker help you? 

Insurance brokers have access to multiple insurance carriers who do not offer their products directly to the public. An insurance broker will be able to shop all of those insurers and offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

At Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, all of our brokers can be reached via email, personal phone or text so you never need to worry about long wait times. 

Do you have insurance related questions? Thats what a broker is here for! We will manage all of your insurance products and service them as required. Changes, updates, additions and endorsements are all done directly through your broker.

As a RIBO and LLQP licensed insurance broker, we can offer auto, home, life, travel and commercial policies. 

If you would like a quick quote of have general questions on the current insurance market, please call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803 – 2113 or email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common insurance related questions

Insurance companies in Ontario use many factors to determine an insurance rate. There are many individual factors such as age, gender, type of vehicle and loss history that a company may use to determine your rate. 

Insurance companies also update rates regularly. 

To answer the question as simply as possible: The only way to figure out which insurance company is cheapest in Oakville, is to regularly shop around. 

This is a common question insurance brokers get in Oakville. Luckily, the answer is one brokers enjoy giving: Oakville insurance rates are on average better than the Greater Toronto Areas. 

Oakville has very good claims ratios as a city and for that reason, insurance companies can offer more competitive rates.

When purchasing insurance, you generally have three options, the first is to buy online.

If you understand insurance well and know exactly what you are purchasing, purchasing online can be a good choice. 

The second option is to purchase through an insurance agent. Agents work with only one company and can offer coverage with that specific company. 

The third option is working with an insurance broker. Insurance brokers deal with multiple insurance companies, not just one. They also have access to much more insurance options, not just the common auto and home. Brokers offer insurance for businesses, commercial auto, life, health, travel etc. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing insurance through a broker is not more expensive than buying online. Brokers in many cases are less expensive than purchasing online! 

When insurance brokers say “full coverage” what they mean is the standard mandatory insurance (Liability, DCPD…etc) along with collision and comprehensive coverage. In short, that is the coverage that covers damages to your own vehicle should an accident be your fault. There is usually a $500 or $1000 deductible applied.

Collision and comprehensive insurance is not legally required to drive in Ontario. Third Party Liability is mandatory. 

If you are purchasing a vehicle and financing it, finance companies will require that the car is insured with “full coverage” in order to get the loan. 

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