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Etobicoke Insurance Quotes

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The current state of Etobicoke insurance in 2023

Insurance in Etobicoke

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Etobicoke is an amazing place to live. There are so many attractions and plenty of nature for those who enjoy walks. There has been a recent condo boom on the south side of Etobicoke in Mimico. Many new residents are calling it their home. If you would like some stunning views of the skyline, take a walk on Humber Bay Shores and visit some of the local restaurants. Most of them have full skyline views!

With such a large boom in that area, many businesses  such as restaurants and bars are taking advantage and adding locations there. Clearly there are a lot of upsides to a growing populations, however there are downsides as well. One of those downsides is the rising costs of insurance.  

The Insurance Hard Market and What It means for Etobicoke in 2024

Just like all businesses, insurance companies all have cycles. They go from soft markets to hard markets depending on the economy. Presently, we have entered a hard market in Etobicoke as insurance rates increase and underwriting rules are tightened. Just like in the rest of Toronto, clients may have noticed that during COVID, insurance rates went up very little and in some cases, customers got a rebate. Now with soaring inflation and an increase in claims, things are rapidly changing in the Etobicoke insurance landscape. 

Hard markets generally last anywhere from three to five years. When insurers enter soft markets, that is when clients can see premium relief and have an easier time securing insurance policies. 

In Etobicoke, we can expect rates to rise in the next year and likely in the coming years. As diligent consumers, we must do our best to combat these raises by finding which insurance company offers the best premiums for your unique situation and ensure all discounts are offered. 

How an Etobicoke Insurance Broker can help Combat the Rise of Insurance rates

Anyone who has lived in Etobicoke over the last five years will agree that both home and auto insurance rates have been increase. There are different reasons for the increase between home and car insurance, in this section, we will focus on how to combat the auto insurance increases and how an Etobicoke insurance broker can help.

Step 1: Focus on the discounts. There are many discounts that you may qualify for and those do add up. A few common examples include: combining the home and auto insurance policy, winter tires and having several vehicles under one policy. Review your policy and if you have any questions, speak to your insurance broker. 

Step 2: Ensure that your current insurance company is still offering the lowest rate. In order to fully understand this concept, one must understand how insurance rates work which is beyond the scope of this article. To keep everything as simple as possible, insurance companies adjust their rates every few years for all postal codes. This means that the company that is best today, may not be the best for you in five years. We recommend doing a policy review every 2-3 years.

Step 3: Re-evaluate your coverage. This is a tricky one and it’s best to have a discussion with your broker as you may find yourself underinsured if done in correctly. If you have been holding onto your car for a long time, there is a large chance that the value of that vehicle has dropped so much that reducing your insurance coverage may be a good idea. Speak to your insurance broker and find out what your vehicle is valued at. 

An insurance broker is a great source of information on how to reduce your insurance costs. Experienced insurance brokers have seen it all and are always happy to assist you in saving on your Etobicoke auto insurance

Factors That Affect Your Personal Auto Insurance Rate in Etobicoke:​

Below you will find some of the rating factors that insurance companies use to create your individual premiums:

  • Your address
  • Years insured
  • Drivers in household
  • Marital status
  • Prior tickets and accidents
  • Years licensed 
  • Vehicle type
  • Prior insurance cancellations
  • The usage of your vehicle
  • Coverage chosen (liability only vs. full coverage)
  • Your deductible 

How An Insurance Broker Can Get The Best Insurance Rates In Etobicoke

Keep these three tips in mind when purchasing an insurance policy.


Multiple Companies

As an insurance broker, we have access to many insurance companies and check the best rates for you.



Insurance isn’t just about price, as a broker, our goal is to get the best coverage for your situation.



As experienced insurance brokers, we know the discounts that each unique company offers.

We Will Make It Quick and Simple!

Why Work With an Insurance Broker?

That is a great question to ask. Insurance brokers are still the most popular way to purchase insurance. The three most common ways to purchase insurance policies is through brokers, agents or online websites. 

The benefit that you get by working with an insurance broker which you wouldn’t get anywhere else is access to more insurance companies. Many insurance companies do not offer quotes to the public directly and you must go through a broker. By going through a broker, you are more likely to get competitive rates with great coverage.

How To Get an insurance quote

Getting an insurance quote with Filip Ambroziak is very simple. You will have several options to get a quote.

Option 1: Phone Call. The simplest way to get an insurance quote is to give Filip a call. He will ask several questions depending on the insurance policy you are looking for. Questions may include your address, vehicle type, and driver’s history. You can call Filip directly at (416) 803 – 2113 or through the office at (905) 366-0066.

Option 2: Email. Feel free to send Filip an email requesting a quote, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home including all signing of applications and confirmation of insurance. You may email Filip Ambroziak at

Option 3: Text. This may be a little less common however we can do full quotes via text message. Feel free to send Filip a text to (416) 803-2113 and we can continue from there!

Benefits of Working With Filip Ambroziak

Benefits of Working With an Etobicoke Insurance Broker

Filip Ambroziak is a proud resident of Etobicoke and has been insuring the residents of Etobicoke since the start of his career. As a RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) and LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) licensed insurance broker, he can offer auto, home, commercial, travel and life insurance products. Call Filip at (416) 803-2113 or email him at 

Etobicoke Insurance Online.

That’s right, you don’t ever have to leave your home! Quotes, applications and policies all done online through your broker. 

online insurance brokers

Have Multiple Policies through one Broker

One of the biggest benefits of working with an Etobicoke insurance broker is having all your insurance policies in one place.

Request an Etobicoke Insurance Quote


Frequently Asked Questions

An insurance broker is a licensed insurance professional who is able to secure insurance through several different insurance companies. Depending on the license that broker has, he or she will be able to get insurance for your business, car, home, trip or life.

A deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for in the event of a claim. With car insurance, the most common deductible amounts are $500 and $1000.

Example: You are involved in an accident where you rear-ended another vehicle. Your cars damage is about $2500. If you have a deductible of $500, the amount the insurance company would give you is $2000. 

An Etobicoke insurance broker who is fully licensed may offer the following types of insurance:

There are several ways to reduce your rates in Etobicoke and the best way is to have a conversation with your insurance broker. A broker will be able to review your current policy and see if any discounts are missing or any information is missing. 

This is a very common question when it comes to Etobicoke auto insurance. Prices seem to be rising every year even for those who have no claims or tickets.

When it comes to auto insurance, the reality is that insurance rates are very dependent on how our neighbors drive. If everyone in Etobicoke is getting into accidents, your insurance rate will increase even if you personally have not had a claim.

Another factor that’s causing these insurance premium increases is the population growth in Etobicoke. More and more people seem to be moving to the city and the negative result of population growth is an increase in claims. .

There are many other factors which contribute to the rise in insurance costs in Etobicoke.

If you are currently using your vehicle for Uber, please notify your insurance broker. Every company has different rules when it comes to using a car for Uber.