I Have Life Insurance From My Work, Is That Enough?

group life insurance

Many companies offer their employees a benefits package which commonly includes a small group life insurance policy.  The life insurance benefit (amount of insurance) is usually 1.5x – 2x your annual salary. Is that “enough”? The answer as always is: It depends.  If you are single with no kids, no mortgage and no worries, I would say […]

Life Insurance for Smokers

life insurance for people who smoke

I’m sure people have constantly told you how much smoking costs you… If you smoke a pack weekly, you’re looking at about $50 per month. You know this very well and all your loved ones won’t let you forget it. But there is an additional smoking cost that you likely haven’t considered, the increase in […]

When Should I Buy Life Insurance?

when should i get life insurance

When Should I Get Life Insurance?   We heard it all: “Life Insurance. Not exactly my priority, I got other bills that I have to pay now.” Or… “I’m too young for life insurance, I don’t have any kids so what’s the point?” And finally… “I don’t even have a house, spouse or kids…I’m living […]

What are the Benefits of Term Life Insurance?

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 The Benefits of Term Life Insurance   Life insurance. One of the most responsible purchases of our lives. It’s probably not a conversation that everyone is excited to have , but its one that’s inevitable and every adult at one point will have it. For that, I personally commend you. You being on this […]

Should I Buy Mortgage Insurance?

Is Mortgage Insurance Worth it?    You got the call from your bank that you’ve been approved for a loan.  You go out and place a bid on your dream home.  Your realtor calls and says the house is yours.   You run over to the bank and finish completing all the paper work.   The bank […]

Why Are Auto Insurance Rates Are Constantly Going Up In Ontario!

ontario auto insurance keeps increasing

Aviva Canada has recently launched an undercover investigation over one year where they damaged 10 cars to mimic a crash and placed them on the side of the road to see what happens next. When creating these “fake” accidents, they had independent appraisers examine and price out the damage. -Auto body shops were found to […]

Accident Forgiveness

accident forgiveness ontario

What is Accident Forgiveness? Even the best drivers can make mistakes. Insurance companies know this and created an endorsement known as Accident Waiver (each company may have a different name for it). When a client has a policy with this feature, their rate will not increase as a result of their first accident. How do […]

“I hate how auto insurance is mandatory!”

Auto Insurance broker

If I got a dime for each time someone got angry with insurance being mandatory, I’d start my own insurance company and provide free coverage for everyone! It is Mandatory! Living in Ontario, Canada, every driver must carry adequate amounts of insurance. Yes… that includes my parents, my 21 year old friend, my 85 year […]

What’s The Difference Between an Agent and Broker?

insurance broker vs agent

What Is The Difference? Have you ever heard of an insurance broker? Do you know how they differ from an insurance agent? Do you know what they offer? Well before you begin your hunt for good and affordable insurance, why don’t you stop by your local brokers office… your hunt may just end early. AGENT: […]

Why Did My Auto Insurance Increase!!??

do i need life insurance?

How Insurance Premiums Work Insurance premiums are based on statistical information of claims. If the postal code you live in has a higher claims ratio then the next, your premium will be affected.  In order to solve this issue, look for insurance at many different companies. Some companies may have higher claims ratios in certain areas then others. […]