What is Chieftain Insurance?


As an insurance broker, we have the pleasure to deal with multiple insurance companies and can offer clients the best price from all insurance companies. In many cases, Chieftain insurance comes back with a very competitive premium.

After a brief summary of the policy package, many clients become curious as to what the specific differences exist between Chieftain and other insurance companies.

I have been offering Chieftain insurance products for many years and wanted to write a quick post about what makes this company unique compared to other insurance companies. I am also currently insured with Chieftain and very pleased with their service.

Who is Chieftain Insurance Owned By?

Chieftain Insurance is an insurance company under the Travelers Canada group. They currently offer auto, home and condo insurance.

What Does a Chieftain Auto Insurance Policy Include?

Every auto insurance policy in Ontario will include the mandatory coverages which are DCPD, Uninsured Automobile, Accident Benefits and Third-party Liability. These are non optional coverages and every insurer will offer these. Chieftain however also offers optional coverages which cannot be removed. The offer one package which cannot be customized. The following coverages and limit increases are added to a Chieftain auto insurance policy:

  • $2,000,000 third-party liability is given. Most insurance companies offer $1,000,000 while the mandatory minimum is only at $200,000.
  • Higher limit of medical, rehabilitation and attendant care (under the accident benefits section) are automatically added. This can also be increased if you choose to.
  • $1000 deductible on the Named Perils coverage.
  • Loss of use (rental car)
  • Liability for damage to non-owned vehicles when you are renting a vehicle.
  • OPCF 44 (family protection coverage).
  • OPCF 47 SABS Priority Pay (this is mandatory for any policy which includes optional increased accident benefits).
  • OPCF 6a permission to carry passengers for compensation.

How Do You Pay For a Chieftain Insurance Policy?

This is where the Chieftain insurance policy gets interesting. Most standard insurance policies offer a monthly payment plan where funds are withdrawn from your bank account. Another option is one annual payment.

With Chieftain, there is only one way to pay for your insurance, and that’s via a credit card on a monthly basis. The insurance company will setup the monthly withdrawals to come out of your credit card just like a standard payment plan. The benefit to this is you are charged no finance fees, and if your credit card gives you points, this will help you accumulate many more.

Since this is considered a month to month policy, this means there is a chance that your insurance policy can increase or decrease throughout the year. You are not locked into a contract for one year, you can cancel it anytime. In my seven+ years of being insured with Chieftan, my insurance has gone up once midterm and has decreased 2 months after to an amount less than my original premium.

If you would like to get a quote, please call/text Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803 – 2113 or email him at filipa@pbnet.ca.

Happy shopping!

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Filip Ambroziak

Need a quote for your home, auto or business? Call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803 2113 or email him at filipa@pbnet.ca.

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Picture of Filip Ambroziak

Filip Ambroziak

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