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Over the last few years, Barrie has welcomed many families from all over Canada. Barrie has seen some of the largest real estate price increases from all over Ontario. Unfortunately, this has spilt over to the insurance industry as well. Insurance rates in Barrie have been steadily increasing over the last few years and are expected to in the near future as well.

If your home, auto or commercial insurance premiums have increased, it will be a great idea to shop around. Call or email Filip Ambroziak for a quote today!

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Insurance Premiums In Barrie

Insurance rates are rising all over Ontario. With immigration at all time highs (other than the COVID times), it’s natural for more auto collisions to occur on the roads which impacts insurance rates.

Luckily, when comparing the insurance rates to parts of the Greater Toronto Areas, Barrie’s rates have been excellent. Even thou your price may seem good, it’s never a bad idea to shop around for insurance. Insurance companies tend to update their pricing every few years which means the company offering the best rates 5 years ago, may not have the best rates today.

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Barrie Insurance Brokers

Since Ambroziak & Rao has begun operating, we have been focusing on Mississauga. We have been rated a top three insurance broker and enjoyed great growth in the city. Now, we believe it’s time to focus on neighbouring cities including Barrie. The RIBO license allows brokers to offer insurance services all over Ontario.

 Some of the insurance products which we will be offering to our Barrie neighbours include: auto, home insurance, life Insurance, commercial liability, property, and condo insurance

 Many young couples and families are moving to Barrie for the affordable homes. Auto insurance rates are good in that area and when paired with a home or tenant policy, can be very affordable for the younger group. 

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