Accidents Happen.

You should always report a claim to our office at 905-366-0066. We are on your side and here to assist you with any questions you may have!

You have 24/7 claims service from all companies. The phone number of your company can be found on your pink slip.


If you decide to file a claim, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

1. Were there any injuries? This is the single most important question you will need to answer. If you or anyone is injured in the accident, look after that immediately.  In most cases, accidents are minor with no injuries.

2. What happened? The claims adjuster will want to understand how the accident occurred. Explain the weather, the traffic and road conditions.

3. Time and Place: Where did the accident take place? What time did it happen? Identify the intersection/road and the direction traveled.

4. Names of parties involved: Please get the names of the other parties involved along with their insurance information and license plates.

5. Police: If police were involved, get the accident report number along with the officer’s name.

6. Description of the current damage: Describe the condition of the vehicle post-accident. Also provide where the vehicle is currently located.

7. What do you need now? Do you need a taxi to get home, a shelter, rental car…etc.

Stay calm and assess the accident carefully. It is recommended to take pictures of the scene as well. If there were any witnesses at the time of the accident, take down their names and numbers.

Most importantly: Don’t worry, an accident isn’t the end of the world.