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Ambroziak & Rao insurance brokers has been insuring Milton residents for over a decade. As RIBO licensed insurance brokers, we can offer any type of insurance including commercial, auto, home, rental property and life

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Insurance Broker Milton

Why Choose Filip Ambroziak?

Great question! We are insurance brokers. What does that mean? That means we are not selling insurance from one company, we are quoting many! Since we have so many options, we simply give you the best coverage at the best rate. 

Here are a few more benefits of working with Filip Ambroziak: 

Same Day Applications

Once a quote is created and accepted by the client, insurance applications can be issued same day!

Effortless Changes

Endorsements, additions, extensions, and changes are quick and stress free. No need to wait on hold for hours.

Complete Communications

Communication in insurance is vital. You can call, email or text us with any questions you may have.

Quick Quote

You will have an insurance quote ready for your risk in under 20 minutes. Non-standard quotes may take longer.

Fee Free Consultations

Claims processing, coverage solutions, billing management and risk analysis via one representative.

Yearly Reviews

Curious if the insurance market changed this year? No problem, simply request a full policy review!

The Beautiful Milton

Milton is a hikers paradise. With so many stunning conservation parks such as Rattlesnake Point, Kelso and Hilton Falls, you can walk all day and see only a small part of Milton’s natural beauty. When the snow comes for a visit, you can go skiing at Glen Eden, a perfect place to learn before heading out to Blue Mountain! 

As any Mississauga resident of the last 15 years knows, Milton has gone from farmlands to beautiful homes filled with young families and ambitious business owners. With any growth comes added expenses, and insurance has been a big one lately.

Milton Insurance Broker

Weather you are looking to insure your brand new Ford F150 or are starting a new business and looking for a Commercial General Liability policy, an insurance broker can help. 

One of the biggest advantages of an insurance broker is access to multiple insurance companies. As insurance brokers, we are able to shop around and see which insurance companies are offering the best price for your Milton postal code. 

Each company will have different claim ratios per postal code which really impact rates. Your neighbour across the street may have a great rate with one company, but that same company may have a terrible claims ratio in your postal code and offer bad pricing for you. 

Milton auto insurance rates are much lower when compared to central GTA but are slowly increasing.


Milton's Commercial Insurance

Milton is also experiencing a boom in new businesses opening up. If you are starting your own business, it is vital to have a proper CGL policy and possibly a commercial auto policy if your business is primarily in a vehicle. 

 Milton is home to many young families. With fair real estate prices, good insurance rates and an overall safe city, Milton is a great city for future growth. 

We provide coverage for: New and existing businesses,, Commercial and personal properties, Properties for rent, High Value Homes, Commercial and personal vehicles and many more! 

 If you would like to discuss your current or future situation with a Milton insurance broker, we will be happy to have a chat with you! You can call or text (416) 803-2113 or email 

Why Choose An Insurance Broker?

We know the current insurance market in Milton and we believe its only going to get more expensive as claims are constantly on the rise. The best way to keep your rates low is by shopping around, making sure you have all eligible discounts and staying on top of market trends. Here are just some of the benefits you get by choosing to insure with Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers.

We know that there are moments where time is of the essence. Perhaps you are closing your new house the next day and require coverage right away. Or maybe you have an appointment to pick up your new car today. We are able to provide quotes very quickly and proceed to the application phase all in the same day! You can have a policy setup for you within one hour in many cases! 

The biggest benefit to working with insurance brokers is that you have many insurance companies to choose from. This is how brokers are able to offer such competitive prices. Brokers also know their companies very well and know how to save you some money!

When working with an insurance broker, the sale begins after the first transaction. Over the years, you will have changes to your policy such as new cars, homes, different addresses, additions of family members, new businesses and the list goes on. Doing these changes are very quick and easy with insurance brokers. In many cases, a simple text message is all it takes! 

As technology gets better, the expectations of insurers rise. We believe we surpass those expectations when it comes to communications. You can shoot us a text, call or email us and we will respond as quick as possible! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common insurance related questions

Insurance companies use many different factors when creating an insurance rate. Outside of your individual factors such as your driving history and age, insurance companies use your address to determine the probability of you being involved in an accident based on prior statistics of that area. 

Each insurance company will have experienced different claims ratios which means each company will have completely different insurance premiums for each postal code in Milton. 

To summarize, there is no such thing as “the cheapest insurance company in Milton”. 

This is a very common question we get as insurance brokers. People in Milton want to know how their insurance rates compare to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. The good news is that from our experience, Milton auto insurance rates on average are much lower when compared neighbours such as Mississauga and Brampton. People who move from Toronto or the surrounding areas to Milton usually notice a decrease in their auto insurance rates. 

When it comes to property insurance rates, Milton is roughly the same when compared to the rest of the GTA. 

When purchasing insurance, you generally have three options, the first is to buy online.

If you understand insurance well and know exactly what you are purchasing, purchasing online can be a good choice. 

The second option is to purchase through an insurance agent. Agents work with only one company and can offer coverage with that specific company. 

The third option is working with an insurance broker. Insurance brokers deal with multiple insurance companies, not just one. They also have access to much more insurance options, not just the common auto and home. Brokers offer insurance for businesses, commercial auto, life, health, travel etc. Contrary to popular belief, purchasing insurance through a broker is not more expensive than buying online. Brokers in many cases are less expensive than purchasing online! 

When insurance brokers say “full coverage” what they mean is the standard liability insurance along with collision and comprehensive coverage. In short, that is the coverage that covers damages to your own vehicle should an accident be your fault. There is usually a $500 or $1000 deductible applied.

Collision and comprehensive insurance is not legally required to drive in Ontario. Third Party Liability is mandatory. 

If you are purchasing a vehicle and financing it, finance companies will require that the car is insured with “full coverage” in order to get the loan. 

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