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Etobicoke Car Insurance Quote

What is required?

4 Mandatory auto insurance coverages

In Etobicoke, you are required to have an auto insurance policy if you drive. Fines for not having valid insurance in Etobicoke can be up to $5,000. The following coverages are mandatory:

All About Auto Insurance in Etobicoke!

Etobicoke Auto Insurance

cheapest auto insurance quotes

Auto Insurance in All of Etobicoke!

At Ambroziak & Rao, we have been offering auto insurance quotes for all of Etobicoke. We know Etobicoke very well. Whether you want to go for a walk along the lake at Humber Bay Shores of go for a jog around Centennial Park, theres so much the city has to offer! Need to go shopping? Sherway mall is one of the best malls around. Want to see some stunning homes? Take a ride along Royal York and see what the city has for sale! Hungry? No problem, Rexdale Blvd has some great food choices for good prices. 

What Type of Coverage Should I Choose for my car?

When purchasing an auto insurance policy, you will first need to choose whether you would like one-way insurance or full coverage.

One-way insurance generally means your policy will have the four mandatory coverages mentioned above but no collision or comprehensive coverage. This means if you are involved in an accident that is your fault, your vehicle damage will not be covered. You will still have liability insurance to the third party, but you will have to pay for your own vehicle repairs. This coverage is ideal if you have an older car that is not worth too much.

Full coverage includes all the mandatory coverages mentioned above plus collision and comprehensive. Usually you will select a deductible ($0-$1000) which is the portion you would be paying. The remainder of your vehicle damage is covered by your insurance company. This is ideal for new or expensive vehicles. If your car is leased or financed, you will be required to hold full coverage insurance at all  times.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Etobicoke (collision and Comprehensive)

Previously, we have discussed the mandatory auto insurance coverages that every driver must have in Etobicoke and all of Ontario. 

There are many optional endorsements which can be added and several additional coverage options. By far, the two most important optional auto insurance coverages are collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Collision covers your vehicle in the event that the accident is your fault. Example: You rear-end the car in front of you and damage their rear bumper. Your vehicle also sustains damage to your front. This is an at-fault accident and without collision coverage, you will need to pay out of your pocket for your repairs. The third-party will be covered under their own insurance policy. 

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage covers your vehicle in the event that the incident is caused by something other than a vehicle. Examples include a tree falling on your car or someone stealing your vehicle.

Getting the best auto insurance Coverage in Etobicoke

The cheapest auto insurance price does not always equal the best coverage. When shopping around for insurance, clients should first decide on what coverage they would like to have and compare those same options with multiple insurance companies. There are many unique endorsements that every company will have. Not all are needed but a few should be added to a policy if the client qualifies. The most important endorsement is the Accident Waiver. 

The Accident Waiver is a very inexpensive option that offers the policyholder tremendous value. As the name states, it waives the first at fault accident. 

The process of Getting an Etobicoke Auto insurance Quote

Getting a car insurance quote is simple. The process is as follows:

  1. The customer is asked for his basic information such as name, address and date of birth
  2. If its a non-standard auto insurance quote, the customer will be asked a few follow-up questions to better access the situation.
  3. Once all the required information is received, the info is put through the insurance company software for estimates. 
  4. Once a quote is generated, the coverage is discussed and the client can decide to proceed with an application. Insurance applications are simple and can be done in the same say!

Getting an Auto Insurance Quote Online

Getting auto insurance quotes has become very quick with the increase of online quotes. The speed is wonderful however, the accuracy of these quotes can be questionable. 

One of the biggest issues when it comes to getting auto insurance quotes online is that records are never pulled which means pricing can be inaccurate. 

When you quote with an insurance broker, they have access to your insurance history and abstract which means quote estimates are more accurate. 

Accident Waiver

Why is this so valuable? If you live in Ontario, you know that auto insurance prices are extremely expensive. The less driving history you have, the costlier the auto insurance policy. If at any point you are involved in an accident that is deemed “at fault”, you can expect your auto insurance to increase anywhere from 20% – 150% on renewal. The Accident Waiver protects you from a situation like that.

In order to purchase the Accident Protection coverage, a client needs to qualify. Most insurance companies require a minimum of 6 years of clean driving history, others want 8 years. There is one company called Travelers Canada which offers accident waiver to clients who never had an prior insurance. Be sure to add this coverage when shopping around for auto insurance.

Top Three Reasons

Why Your Etobicoke Auto Insurance is So High

Many factors affect your auto insurance rate, but these three have the most weight.



Your address is the biggest factor that will affect your auto insurance in Etobicoke. Different parts of the same city will have different rates.



If you have an at-fault claim on your record, expect your insurance rate to be high. At-fault accidents are rated for six years. 



Your vehicle will have an impact on your auto insurance rates. Brand new, expensive vehicles may cost more to fix and can increase insurance rates. 

Best Ways to Save on your Etobicoke Car Insurance

Etobicoke auto insurance rates are rising every year. Now more than ever is a great time to shop around! Speak to an Etobicoke insurance broker today!

Below you will find three more ways on how you can save some money on your Etobicoke car insurance.

Shop around and save on Etobicoke auto insurance Today!

whether you are adding a vehicle to an existing policy or would like to simply review your renewal, it will be the quickest quote you do! 

Lets get that price lower.

More Etobicoke Auto Insurance Discounts and Tips!

The Toronto areas are becoming very expensive to live in. From housing to groceries, rates are going up. Auto insurance is no exception. 

Everyone should have access to affordable insurance rates because living without a car in Etobicoke is nearly impossible. 

Here are a few more discounts to reduce your auto insurance rates even more:

  1. Winter tire discount
  2. Pleasure usage 
  3. Multi-vehicle discount
  4. Home + auto discount
  5. Drivers training discount
  6. Telematics enrolment discount
  7. Annual Payment 

Along with all those discounts, here are a few tips to help your auto insurance rate:

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage are not mandatory in Ontario. If you have an older car, consider insuring it just one-way.
  • If you do not commute to work and use your vehicle only on weekends of for evening grocery runs, consider putting your car as “pleasure usage”. This will reduce your insurance rate as the vehicle is used less.
  • If you do not own a house but would still like to bundle your auto with an Etobicoke home insurance policy, you still can! If you are renting, you can create a tenant policy which will make you eligible for the multi-policy discount.
  • Increase your deductible. If you are confident in your driving, perhaps you should consider increasing your deductible as that will decrease your insurance rate.

Commercial Auto Insurance in Etobicoke

Can be very affordable!

Is your car used for business?

Etobicoke Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you use your vehicle for commercial purposes? Do you have a cargo van which you use to deliver products? Are you a contractor with tools in your F150? 

If any of the questions above apply to you, you will require a commercial auto insurance policy. A standard auto insurance policy will not cover commercial usage. 

Do You have a commercial vehicle in Etobicoke?

Commercial Auto Insurance Questions

Is Commercial Auto Insurance More Expensive Than Personal Auto Insurance in Etobicoke?

This answer may surprise a lot of people. The answer is that commercial auto insurance is often less expensive than a standard auto insurance policy. Etobicoke has great commercial vehicle insurance rates, even for those with less than perfect driving records. 

How Do You Get An Etobicoke Commercial Car Insurance Quote?

Getting a commercial car insurance quote is simple. Simply fill out the form at the top of this page and in the message section, simply state the business use of the vehicle. 

Alternatively, you may call us at (416) 803-2113 and speak to an insurance professional. 

Do I qualify For Fleet Insurance?

In order to qualify for fleet commercial auto insurance, you must have at least 5 vehicles for the same business. 

How Are Commercial Vehicles Rated in Etobicoke?

Commercial auto insurance has many similarities to personal auto insurance. The main difference is the vehicle use. Depending on which industry you are in, your rates may be higher or lower. On average, contractors have great commercial auto insurance rates while delivery drivers has higher premiums.

By City

Find more Great auto insurance rates

We have been providing auto insurance quotes across the entire province. Are you looking to move somewhere outside of Etobicoke? Get the best auto insurance quote in your city! View our service areas below! 

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