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As an auto insurance advisor, the goal is to provide the best coverage for the best price.

 This is done by assessing your current situation, creating the most efficient auto insurance package and getting quotes from multiple car insurance companies resulting in a competitive rate. 

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The Best Auto Coverage

The cheapest auto insurance price does not always equal the best coverage. When shopping around for insurance, clients should first decide on what coverage they would like to have and compare those same options with multiple insurance companies. There are many unique endorsements that every company will have. Not all are needed but a few should be added to a policy if the client qualifies. The most important endorsement is the Accident Waiver. 

The Accident Waiver is a very inexpensive option that offers the policyholder tremendous value. As the name states, it waives the first at fault accident. 

Why is this so valuable? If you live in Ontario, you know that auto insurance prices are extremely expensive. The less driving history you have, the costlier the auto insurance policy. If at any point you are involved in an accident that is deemed “at fault”, you can expect your auto insurance to increase anywhere from 20% – 150% on renewal. The Accident Waiver protects you from a situation like that.

In order to purchase the Accident Protection coverage, a client needs to qualify. Most insurance companies require a minimum of 6 years of clean driving history, others want 8 years. There is one company called Travelers Canada which offers accident waiver to clients who never had an prior insurance. Be sure to add this coverage when shopping around for auto insurance.

If you are looking for an auto insurance quote or would like to speak to an insurance broker, please call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803-2113 or email


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By submitting the form below, you will have an auto insurance broker access your situation and provide the most accurate quote based on the information supplied. Most auto insurance quotes can be completed in the same day, however the complex, non standard risk may take more time.

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Save On Car Insurance

When working with an auto insurance broker, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to get insurance quotes through multiple insurers. Brokers know their insurers well and know how to save their client’s money.

Below you will find three more ways on how you can save some money on your Etobicoke auto insurance.

Auto Insurance Companies

When working with an auto insurance broker, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to quote with multiple auto insurance companies. Each insurer may offer slightly different benefits and may have different underwriting requirements than another. 

Below you will find some of the largest and most popular auto insurance companies in Etobicoke as well as all of Canada. 

Travelers Canada Auto Insurance Company
Intact auto insurance company
Wawanesa auto insurance company