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Insurance rates change every few months, the company that was best in Oakville last year may not be today. Shop around for the best current car insurance rate! 

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What is required by Law in Oakville?

Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage

In Oakville, you must have an auto insurance policy in force to drive. Fines for not having valid insurance in Oakville can be up to $5,000. The following coverages are mandatory at all times:

Getting the right Coverage

Car Insurance Rates in Oakville

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Focus on coverage, not just price

Finding the best auto insurance isn’t as simple as getting the lowest price. There are many coverage options which could increase the rate slightly but make a big difference should a claim occur. The two most important coverages which will add a lot of value to your policy are: accident forgiveness and comprehensive coverage.

Accident forgiveness

As the name implies, accident forgiveness coverage “forgives” the first at fault accident on a policy. The catch however is that only the insurance company you are currently with forgives the accident. If you were to shop around for a new insurance policy, that accident will be rated on your new policy.

In order to purchase this accident forgiveness coverage, a client must qualify. Each insurance company has different requirements. Majority of insurers such as Aviva or Intact require at least 6 years of insurance history with no at fault losses. Some companies require 8 years to get the coverage and very few require no history at all. This is by far the most important endorsement on an auto insurance policy and it generally costs very little to add. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is one part of a “full coverage” policy. It is the theft and vandalism coverage. The reason I would like to discuss it today is because many clients choose a liability-only insurance policy meaning no collision or comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is usually expensive but Comprehensive coverage can be purchased at a very good price.

Comprehensive coverage can be added onto your liability only insurance policy to cover your vehicle should it be stolen.  If you just have one way coverage, a stolen or vandalized vehicle has no coverage. 

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is the more expensive coverage option. It covers your vehicle should the accident be your fault. An example would be if you rear-end the car in front of you, that will be considered an at-fault accident. If your vehicle was damaged, the policy will pay out of the collision coverage.

The deductible is the portion of the damage which the client pays. You will have the option to select your deductible. The most common options are $0, $500 and $1,000 but can go as high as $5,000 if your vehicle has a high value. From the example above, if you rear-ended the car in front of you and the damage to your vehicle was $7,000 and your deductible was $500, your insurance will cover $6,500.

Top Three Reasons

Why Your Current Oakville Auto Insurance Is High

Many different factors affect your auto insurance rate in Oakville, but these three have the most weight.



The address is the biggest factor that will affect your auto insurance. Different parts of Oakville will have different rates. Luckily, Oakville has very competitive rates



If you have an at-fault accident on your record, expect your insurance rate to be high. At-fault claims are rated for six years. 



Your vehicle will have an impact on your car insurance price. New, expensive vehicles will cost more to repair and can increase insurance rates. 

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