Commercial Auto Insurance for Couriers

Couriers are constantly on the road. For this reason, getting the right commercial auto insurance is very important and should be taken very seriously. As commercial auto insurance broker, this is where we can help! 

Car Insurance for Couriers


As with many businesses in Ontario, the mail delivery industry is booming. Becoming a courier can be very lucrative but the work is not easy. If you decided to become an independent courier or are starting up a mail courier business, you will require commercial auto insurance for your vehicle. Personal auto will simply not cover it. 

Insurance Companies Are Very Strict

This will likely be one of your most important policies since 90% of your business is in a vehicle. You need to be properly insured with accurate limits and correct endorsements. It is also vital that your vehicle class on your insurance policy is for couriers, having a standard commercial auto policy with a general commercial class is not correct.

Many insurance companies are very strict when it comes to insuring couriers so be sure to have the correct coverage to avoid large potential errors.

Quote for Couriers

If you are looking for a commercial auto insurance quote for courier use, please speak to Filip Ambroziak by calling (416) 803 – 2113 or emailing him at

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies are extremely strict with the courier class so it is vital to insure it properly.