Commercial Auto Insurance for General Contractors

General Contractors in the Greater Toronto Areas are extremely busy people. At Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, we know that and make the insurance process very simple.

Car Insurance for General Contractors

Do I need Commercial Auto Insurance or is Personal Auto Insurance Enough?

Are you a general contractor? Do you own or are planning to buy a work van/truck where you will carry tools and equipment and drive to clients homes/job sites? Do you have employees who use your vehicles for various work related tasks?

If this is the case, you will require a commercial auto insurance policy for your vehicle. If you take a closer look at your personal auto insurance policy and application, you will see commercial use of the vehicle is not included in your policy.

Should an accident happen while you are driving to a clients house or on the job, the insurance company may reject your claim as you have breached the contract. 

This is the last thing you would want as many claims cost in excess of $10,000! 

The good news: Commercial auto insurance policies in many cases are much cheaper than standard personal auto policies. 

Over the last few years, personal insurance rates have been increasing very quickly due to claims, vehicle repair costs and fraud while commercial rates have been more stable. 

How Can I Get The Best Commercial Auto Insurance Price?

Shopping for commercial auto insurance is very similar to personal auto insurance in many ways. Some of the factors that affect your premium include where you live, the type of vehicle you use (light or heavy vehicle) and your driving record.

Each Insurance company will have different rates based on their own individual statistics and claims ratios. The best way to look for a good rate is to compare pricing across all commercial auto insurers. 

This is where a good commercial insurance broker can help! As brokers, we deal with many commercial insurance companies and are able to shop around for the best rate while finding the correct coverage. Most commercial auto insurance policies can only be attained via an insurance broker, online carriers usually only deal with personal car insurance. 

At Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, we know the unique requirements of general contractors and can tailor your policy to your needs. A lot of your work is on the road raising your chances of an accident by a lot! Be sure to be properly covered when your in transit. 

If you are a general contractor and are looking for a commercial auto insurance quote, feel free to call Filip Ambroziak at (416) 803-2113 or email We serve the entire Greater Toronto Areas.


Commercial Auto Insurance Tips

1.Bundle In addition to a commercial auto policy, you should consider bundling up with a CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy.Many companies offer discounts when you choose to combine the two policies.

2. Life & Health Insurance. As an independent contractor, you have no disability, critical illness or life insurance. It’s a good idea to have those covers incase your income ever abruptly stops.

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