Commercial Auto Insurance for Janitorial Services

Janitors in Toronto are very hard workers. Often working late nights for their clients. At Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, we know this and make getting cheap commercial auto insurance as simple as it needs to be! 

Auto Insurance for Janitors

The janitorial services industry in the Greater Toronto Areas has been booming. People are choosing to do it part time for the flexible schedule and the good pay.

At Ambroziak & Rao Insurance Brokers, we understand the commercial auto insurance requirements when you decide to enter the janitorial services industry.

Having worked with many business owners and employees in the janitorial industry, we know the risks involved and how to cover them. 

Common Mistake: 

One of the most common mistakes employees/contractors make is using their personal auto insurance for commercial use.

If you drive to client homes or offices with cleaning supplies in your car for work, you are now considered to be using the car for commercial purposes. If you are involved in an accident, your claim may be denied and your policy can be cancelled for misrepresentation.

Regardless if your car is a Ford F350 or a small Honda Civic, you will need commercial auto insurance on that car.

Auto Insurance Advice for Janitors

We highly advise you consider increasing your liability limit to at least $2,000,000. If there is an injury or death of a party where you were involved, you will likely be sued. Unless you are incorporated, this means you can be affected personally if your standard liability limit is exhausted. Increasing to $2,000,000 liability is a small increase in premium in most cases and can really help in an unfortunate situation.

If you are the business owner, you want your contractors to each have proper commercial auto insurance with correct coverage and accurate limits to ensure liability doesn’t fall on you.

In many cases, commercial auto insurance for janitorial use may be even cheaper than a standard personal auto policy!

How to Get the Best Commercial Auto Insurance Rate?


What is considered “the best” when it comes to commercial auto insurance? It’s simple: Great coverage at a great price. Unfortunately, many people forget the “great coverage” and look for only the best price. This often leads to inadequate coverage which is discovered when a claim occurs. Many additional coverages are very inexpensive and can be added to a policy for only a few extra dollars a month! 

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