Why Are Auto Insurance Rates Are Constantly Going Up In Ontario!


Aviva Canada has recently launched an undercover investigation over one year where they damaged 10 cars to mimic a crash and placed them on the side of the road to see what happens next.

When creating these “fake” accidents, they had independent appraisers examine and price out the damage.

-Auto body shops were found to overcharge by 300% in some cases.

-Auto body shops were recorded deliberately damaging vehicles to increase their costs

-Charging for new parts but installing used

9 out of the 10 cases were fraudulent. This is part of the reason our auto insurance is rising.



Filip Ambroziak

Filip Ambroziak

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Filip Ambroziak

Filip Ambroziak

Throughout his career, Filip Ambroziak had the opportunity to insure a wide variety of unique clients.

From high value homes, to multi-million dollar businesses, Filip has insured it all.

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