“I hate how auto insurance is mandatory!”


If I got a dime for each time someone got angry with insurance being mandatory, I’d start my own insurance company and provide free coverage for everyone!

It is Mandatory!

Living in Ontario, Canada, every driver must carry adequate amounts of insurance. Yes… that includes my parents, my 21 year old friend, my 85 year old grandfather and even Don Forgeron (President of the Insurance Bureau of Canada). None of us can escape it.

“But that’s baloney! I’m a professional driver, I’ve been on the road for almost twenty seven months and I know I won’t get into an accident.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone you know saying something similar.

What’s Included In My Policy?

Mandatory auto coverages include Third Party Liability (minimum being $200,000 in Ontario), Uninsured Motorist, Direct compensation Property Damage and Accident Benefits. I don’t plan on going into much technical detail, I will however provide an example for each because this is my favorite way of learning:

1) You are cruising in your Honda, listening to Z103.5 replaying all the same hit songs 15 times in a row when a Volkswagen slams into you. Unfortunately it is dark outside and didn’t catch his plates. He speeds off, leaving the scene. Wouldn’t that just ruin your day… Here’s when your mandatory Uninsured Motorist coverage kicks in. Well that was a close one.

2) You just got out of the gym, you’re proud, you finally benched 300 pounds! You are driving down the 403 and lose control of your Cadillac on ice and rear end the guy in front of you. The other automobiles total damages are $23,000 (he was in a Lamborghini). Now what? Well you got Third Party Liability! This is when people decide to be happy they bought insurance.

3) You are walking down the sidewalk with your Dr. Dre beats headphones on full blast. You come to  a stoplight and begin to cross. Out of nowhere, a car hits you. Luckily it wasn’t terrible and you will recover but the rehabilitation can still add up. This is when you start shuffling through your insurance records checking if you have Accident Benefits. Well, good news, it’s mandatory and apply regardless of who’s at fault.

4) Life is going great. You have a nice home, a great family and finally the car of your dreams. Your foot begins tapping from excitement as you wait on an intersection thinking of how wonderful the world is. Then out of nowhere, a young driver forgets to hit the breaks and slams into the rear of your automobile. Well that’s a joy kill. But guess what! You have the mandatory DCPD (Direct Compensation- Property Damage) which pays for the amount to which you are not at fault!

So you see, Insurance is needed. You never know when you will need it. Could be tomorrow, the month after or hopefully never. But just because you don’t think it will happen or hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. And if it ever does, you want to be prepared.

If you’d like anymore information feel free to give me a call or email me.

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Picture of Filip Ambroziak

Filip Ambroziak

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