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As a life insurance advisor, the goal is to provide the best coverage for the best price.

 This is done by assessing your current situation, creating the most efficient life insurance package and getting quotes from multiple life insurance companies resulting in a competitive rate. 

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The Right Life Coverage

When purchasing life insurance, you will have two main choices: Term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Each type of policy has its purpose. 

Term life insurance is life insurance for a specified term (ex: 20 years) and a set payout ($1,000,000). If you pass away within that 20 year term, your beneficiary (the person you elected to receive the funds) will get the $1,000,000 in one payment. He or she can do whatever she wants with it. 

 Term life insurance is ideal for younger families with a lot of debt and young children. Many younger families have just purchased homes and have large mortgages. Sadly, if one of those partners were to pass away, the other may have a very hard time paying off the bills along with childcare, education and all future expenses. Term policies are a perfect solution to this because they provide large payouts during the most critical times of young families lives. They are also very affordable and can fit into most family budgets. A $1,000,000 term policy for a healthy female can start at $30 a month!

Permanent life insurance is not for a specific term but for the life of the insured. This means that as long as premiums for the policies have been paid, the life insurance is forever. There are two main permanent policies: Universal life and Whole Life. Permanent life insurance is a more premium insurance and can be more costly. It can also be viewed as an investment because many policies offer a “cash back” option in the future. 

Permanent life insurance is great for more established families with assets that they want to protect and pass on to their kids or spouse. The biggest problem when passing your assets on to your kids after death is that the government will tax your assets very high (other than your primary residence). In order to offset these taxes, you can purchase a life insurance which offers a tax free payout. 

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Life Insurance Companies

When working with a life insurance broker, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to quote with multiple life insurance companies. Each insurer may offer slightly different benefits and may have different underwriting requirements than another. 

Below you will find some of the largest and most popular life insurance companies in Hamilton as well as all of Canada. 

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