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In January 1, 1974, Georgetown, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Acton and most of the Esquesing Township became part of the Regional Municipality of Halton, now known as the Town of Halton Hills

Home Insurance in Georgetown, Ontario

Many veterans of the insurance industry are predicting that average home insurance rates will become more expensive than average auto insurance rates. This will happen much quicker in cities like Oakville, Milton and Georgetown where auto rates are not as high as the Greater Toronto areas. 

Why are Property Insurance Rates Increasing in Georgetown?

Home insurance rates won’t just be rising in Georgetown, but all of Ontario. All the recent extreme weather events are causing insurance companies to loose 100’s of millions of dollars! Sadly, there is little you can do to avoid these catastrophic looses and higher premiums are a natural result. 

Here is a short list of the top reasons your home insurance in Georgetown will be increasing in the coming years:

 1. Old Municipal Infrastructure. As more houses are added to a given area, it increases the demand for water. Since the city’s piping and sewage systems aren’t expanding as quick as populations, this creates a large strain and causes more costly sewer backup claims. 

2.Emergency services, skilled trades materials are getting very expensive. If major claims occur, one of the largest costs incurred is labour. A seemingly small water damage claim can result in a bill over $25,000 of Contractor labour and fire department charges. 

.3. Finished basements. Many people who bought homes prior to 2010 have made a lot of money on their investment. Many people decided to finish their basements with their new equity. Finished basements are very costly to fix and usually suffer high damages on any sewer backup claim. 


How Can I Keep My Georgetown Home Insurance Low?

It seems that insurance premiums will be rising at least in the near future. So what can be done about current premiums? How can you keep your rates down?

The best way to keep your Georgetown home insurance as low as possible is to do some comparison shopping. Every insurance company offers different rates based on the claims they incurred in that given area. This is why checking all the companies prices is the only way to get the lowest rate. Another tip is to combine your home and auto insurance together for the “multi-policy” discount which can save you up to 20%.

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