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Hamilton Home Insurance Quote

Property Insurance Policy Types

4 Types of Home Insurance

Getting home insurance is simple, however that should not be your goal. Getting the right home insurance is what you should be aiming for. Finding the right home insurance starts with selecting the right type of property insurance. There are four types: Condominium, homeowners, rented property and tenant insurance. 

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Hamilton Property Insurance

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Living in Hamilton can be a dream come true for many. With so many beautiful waterfalls to see and endless trails to explore, Hamilton is the perfect place to call home. 

For many families, their home is often their most valuable and expensive asset. With real estate prices rising so rapidly in Hamilton, the last thing anyone would want is to loose their home. Your chances of having your home destroyed are not very high, however the risk does exist and is very real. With storms becoming more frequent and flooding being the most common cause of loss, insuring your home should be a top priority. 

What Factors are important to Hamilton's home insurance rates?

The way home insurance rates are created are slightly different than how auto insurance rates are determined. The biggest similarity is that your premium is based on number of losses in your neighborhood.

If your neighborhood is considered a “high-risk zone” for flooding, you may pay a lot more for sewer-backup and overland water coverage or companies may decline to offer it completely. 

A few factors that may change your home insurance rate  also include the age of your home, the build of your home, the size, when it last had updates done and the number of families living in it. 

Due to many recent home insurance claims, insurers are becoming extremely strict with their underwriting and who they accept. This is why it’s very important to be completely transparent with your insurance company to ensure if something ever does happen, your claim won’t be denied for misrepresentation. 

What Is Home Insurance Misrepresentation?

Home insurance misrepresentation is a serious insurance issue. It happens when a client does not inform the property insurance company of the correct details and the insurer cancels their policy. 

One of the most common cases of misrepresentation occurs with rental properties. If you own a second house which you are renting out to one or more tenants, you need to tell the insurance company the exact details. Some companies do not accept rental properties with more than two separate families living in them. 

Getting A Hamilton Property Insurance Quote

Once you have decided on the coverage you will want your home insurance to include and understand which policy type you require  you may enter the quoting stage. The process is very simple and will look like this:

1. Get all the details. We would first ask you questions about your home such as the size, age, build and address of the property. Is it rented out? Is it your primary home? Is the basement finished? Does the home have custom finishing or basic from the builder? Is there a pool?

2. Create a replacement cost value. This is one of the most important steps when shopping around for insurance. When shopping multiple insurers you should be using the exact same replacement cost so that you are comparing apples to apples. 

3. Decide which coverage and endorsements are required to to ensure the property is fully covered.

4. Using that same information, we then shop Canada’s most trusted insurance companies and see which provider offers the best rate.

Overland Water Protection and Sewer Backup Coverage

Both overland water protection and sewer back up is not a standard policy endorsement. Both must be requested and added separately to the policy.

This is a very important coverage to add because  sewer backup is the most common water damage claim that insurance companies receive. 

Hamilton Builders Risk Policy

Hamilton is a beautiful city with lots of land. Many people choose to purchase large pieces of land and build a property on it. 

If this is something you would like to do, be sure to get a Builders Risk insurance policy as a standard homeowners policy will not cover you. 

Tip: Be sure to get confirmation of insurance from the contractor you choose to work with.

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For most people, their home is their largest and most important asset. Get The right coverage at the best rates.

Home Insurance 101

Hamilton Rented Home Insurance

Are you looking at insuring a secondary house or condo which you will rent out to make some extra income? Be sure to get the correct property insurance as the wrong one can have significant consequences.

A standard home insurance policy is created for a home owner who currently lives in that home. The insurance company assumes that the owner will take good care of the home and therefore posses a lesser risk. 

The moment you have a tenant in the home and you no longer reside there, you must switch your insurance policy to a rented version. Failing to do this can completely nullify your insurance policy.

If your home is currently vacant and you are looking for a tenant, you will require a vacant home endorsement from your insurance company. Notify your insurance company that no one is living in your home as this posses a different risk as well. Having no one in the home is a much larger risk than having a tenant. Should a claim occur, the damage will be much larger as no one is there to stop it in the early stage. 

Save On Home Insurance in Hamilton!

Here are three tips to help reduce your property insurance rates



The best way to lower your home insurance rates is to bundle  with your Hamilton auto insurance! Save up to 15%.


Shop Around

Every insurance company will offer different rates for your home. Shop around for the best one! 



Insurance companies love loyal clients, if you have been with your last company for 5 or more years, you will get a better rate.

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