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Georgetown has become quite popular over the recent years. With great house prices and a friendly community, Georgetown is an excellent place to settle down! 

Auto Insurance in Georgetown, Ontario

Auto insurance rates are becoming very expensive in Ontario. As you get into the Greater Toronto Areas, you begin to see rates climb drastically. Luckily for Georgetown residents, auto insurance rates are still fair and that is all thanks to your fantastic community! 

How Do Auto Insurance Rates Work?

Auto insurance rates are created by professionals who measure risk called Actuaries. These professionals look at all the past claims in a given city, review their loss ratios (Claim payouts vs premiums coming in) and revise premiums accordingly. 

If a city has had more claim payouts than premiums earned, than the actuary will increase premiums in that city. 

What does that mean for Georgetown?

That means that the residents of Georgetown obviously have a much better claims ratio and for that reason pay less insurance premiums than cities such as Markham. This is likely due to density as well as a lesser amount of fraud. Big cities often see a lot more fraud than the smaller communities which lead to much higher loss ratios. 

Weather you are a new Georgetown resident or someone who has lived in the area for many years, its always a good idea to see which auto insurance company offers the best rate for your specific postal code. Your insurance rate will depend on your personal driving record as well as any additional driver you would like to add. The more accidents and tickets you have, the higher your premium.

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